Tips to Get Highest Marks in class 12 physics exam

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Physics is the most important subject in class 12 for students who pursue science. Students should possess an understanding of the concepts and the ability to solve logical reasoning questions. They should have proper knowledge of theorems, formulas, and application of knowledge to score high marks in the class 12 exam. In this article, you can learn the tips to get the highest marks in the class 12 physics exam. 

Tips to follow

Students can follow the given tips to get the highest marks in the class 12 physics exam.

Knowledge of the syllabus

First, of all students should have proper knowledge of the syllabus? They should have an understanding of the important chapters that can help them to score good marks. There are a total of 10 units. The most important topics include optics, electronic devices, communication systems, atoms and nuclei, electrostatics, the dual nature of matter, and magnetism. 

  • Optics is the most important chapter as it carries 14 marks. Ray optics is very important. Students should focus on problems on interference, diffraction, and Young’s double-slit  
  • Experiment. 
  • Next are semiconductors. It is also an important chapter because it carries 8 marks. 
  • Atom and nuclei carry 6 marks
  • The dual nature of radiation carries 4 marks
  • The communication system carries 3 marks
  • Current and electricity is an easy chapter and it constitutes 7 marks
  • Electrostatics and Magnetism are lengthy chapters. Therefore, students can start studying these chapters from the beginning. These are both important chapters. 
  • EMI is also an important unit that can help students to score high marks in physics. 

Practice diagrams

Students should practice diagrams. Ray diagrams are very important. Students will surely get one question on the diagram. Therefore, they should focus on the important features of the diagram to score full marks in the question. 

Objective questions

They should try to solve as many objective questions as they can as objective questions can help to get good marks. NCERT book is the most important book to follow. Students should thoroughly read all the chapters from the CBSE class 12 physics NCERT book. They should try to solve the exercises given at the back of each chapter.

Solve derivations

Derivations are very important for scoring high marks in the CBSE class 12 physics exam. Students should make a list of derivations and formulas. They should practice derivations and should try to understand the derivations. This will help them in easily solving them. The long answer questions in the physics exam have sub-parts and each question has one or two derivations. Therefore, students should understand derivations properly that can help them to score high marks. 

Numerical problems

Numerical problems are very important for the students of class 12. They should try to solve all the numerical problems given in the NCERT book. Students will surely get numerical problems in the board exam. Students can also practice extra numerical problems from other books. Students can write formulas in a register and revise them regularly for solving numerical problems. 

Sample papers

Sample papers greatly help students to score high marks. They can use previous years' sample papers to get an idea of the exam. Students can solve CBSE sample papers to practice and manage time. This will help you to understand the difficulty level of the exam and the type of questions asked in the physics exam. Many times, questions are repeated so you may get some questions in your exam that can help you to score good marks. 

Make a strategy

Students should make a strategy for studying each topic of physics. If they are weak in solving numerical problems, they can focus more on theoretical chapters such as communication, electromagnetic waves, wave optics, the dual nature of radiation and matter, and atoms and nuclei. They can also focus on the principle and working of devices such as Cyclotron, Transformer, Galvanometer, Meter Bridge, and AC generator. Students who are good at solving numerical problems can concentrate on chapters such as Electrostatic potential and capacitance, moving charge, Electric charge and fields, and current electricity. Students should also focus according to the weightage of marks given to every chapter. 

Understand the pattern

Students should understand the pattern of the paper. The paper includes questions of 2marks, 3marks, and 5 marks. There are a total of 14 questions of 2 marks or 3 marks each and 3 questions of 5 marks. There will be 20 objective questions in the board exam. The paper is divided into four sections- A, B, C, and D. There will be very short answer type questions, short answer type questions-I, short answer type questions-II, and long answer type questions. The board exam is of 70 marks and 30 marks are for practical and internal assessment. 

Important books for reference

Students can use reference books for practicing numerical problems and solving objective questions. They can refer to Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, Objective Physics by D.C Pandey. 

Clear doubts

Students should clear their doubts with teachers or friends. If they are not able to understand a particular topic, they can discuss it with the teacher or with friends. Group discussion is important as it helps in proper understanding and also helps in memorizing the important concepts. 


Practical is important for studying class 12 physics. Practical and lab work gives an exposure to the practical applications of the different devices. This helps in a better understanding of the concepts. Therefore, students should always do lab work and should not miss their lab classes. 

Time management

The paper of physics is very lengthy as students will get a lot of questions on theorems. Therefore, they have to manage their time. They should read the question paper thoroughly and should start with easy questions first. They can later work on difficult questions. They should not waste much time on a single question. If they are not sure about an answer, they can move to the next question. They can divide their time for doing each section. This will help them to finish their paper on time. 

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