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The process of conducting a person’s criminal history assessment for the hiring process or other legal purposes is known as a police check. A police check certificate documents the records of an individual’s past criminal history in detail. It outlines all the offenses a person has committed within the state and territory of a particular country.  

Similarities between National and Federal Police Check 

Although the National Police Check and AFP police check differ, it also has some similarities. Certificates from both kinds of checking contain a list of crimes or offenses allowed to be disclosed. 

Both the police check is conducted after collecting data from official police jurisdictions available across Australia. An applicant can apply for either a police check via an online or manual process. 

Differences between National and Federal Police Check 

A National Police Certificate is mainly required for employment and volunteering purposes. It might also be required for industry recognition to perform particular tasks. Meanwhile, a federal police certificate is required for visa application, immigration, overseas recruitment, applying for commonwealth jobs, or specific industry-related standards. 

The NPC is conducted under state or territory legislation. The certificate mostly keeps juvenile or spent charges undisclosed. However, the AFP police check is not limited to state or territory legislation. It can also produce spent convictions as and when required. 

Applicants are required to submit primary and secondary documents along with a photo captured with an ID for national checks. In addition, applicants must submit documents in line with the 100 points chart provided by the federal body. While an NPC certificate arrives within 1-2 business days, a federal check certificate can take up to 5-15 days.  

Ways to Apply For a Police Check

To apply for a National Police Check, applicants can contact any National Police Authority or government body. They can also take help from any ACIC accredited agencies. Meanwhile, applicants have to reach out to federal police authorities to apply for an AFP police check.

Individuals need to provide their present and past (if any) full names alongside the correct birth date for online applications. Individuals should also provide:

  • Copies of photo ID
  • Primary documents like a passport
  • Secondary documents like a medical card 

For manual submission, the application form needs to be downloaded from the official AFP website. Individuals should then submit the within three months of signing. The applicant needs to mark the boxes in the form with a cross sign. They should also provide other required details and essential documents. Applicants are required to fill the form using uppercase or block letters. 

Any student or employee under 18 years of age needs parental consent to submit the police check application. Individuals need to pay using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express cards for the online application. Meanwhile, they can pay with bank cheques and money orders in Australian dollars for manual submission. 

Police Certificate for Students 

In countries like Australia, students applying for tertiary education or higher studies must provide a police clearance certificate. Students can also use the clearance certificate for volunteering work, student employment, and in-campus placements. 

Colleges and universities also require students to obtain criminal clearance certificates to refer them to different employment opportunities. Students arriving from abroad are also needed to showcase their criminal background record for security purposes. They also need a police certificate to apply for a student visa. 

Police Certificate for Employees 

Most employers often require candidates to present a police clearance as part of the employment process. In Australia criminal record check is commonly required in almost every company and organization. In addition, individuals applying for any government jobs or public service roles mainly require a crime check. 

People are also required to present a police clearance certificate if the work requires them to be around children, the elderly, disabled individuals, or any person belonging to the vulnerable group. In addition, professions that require serving society, like doctors or lawyers, also need police clearance.

Contents of a Police Check Certificate 

An AFP police check certificate or a National Police Check certificate contains records of an individual’s past convictions. It includes any criminal or traffic offenses, ongoing or past trials, and court proceedings. 

A document with no crimes available to be disclosed means the applicant has no criminal record or history. Meanwhile, a document with past criminal records or a history of past convictions means the applicant has previously committed crimes and is found guilty of offenses. 

It is quickly concluded that police check is an essential part of various employment, admission, and legal process. However, always remember to opt for the suitable form of police check you require. A National Police Check is not likely to work on places that especially require an AFP police check

Also, keep in mind that NPC can be conducted with the help of National Police Authorities, government bodies, or ACIC accredited agencies. On the other hand, people can apply for a federal police check only with the help of official federal police bodies.

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