Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Cashmere

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Cashmere wool, also called Kashmir wool, is a fine, soft fiber derived from pashmina goats, cashmere goats, and any other species of goat. It's been used to manufacture clothing, yarns, and bedding for countless years. Today it continues to be popular in many types of products, including winter clothing, outerwear, shawls, gloves, scarves, throws, and more. Here's some basic information on cashmere wool and what it can do for you!

In its most natural form, cashmere is animal wool obtained by emulating the natural appearance of human hair. The fibers come from the skin of the face of the goat, called the "camel", which is separated from the hair by a process of caressing and then bleaching to remove any pigment. Because of this process, cashmere is noted for having a natural luster that is unlike any other natural fiber. While cashmere comes in a wide variety of natural shades, cashmere fabrics come in only a few standard colors - white, grey, brown, black, and white. Cashmere is used as a competitive material in the fashion and garment industry. Cashmere has recently become popular in lightweight winter coats because of its lightweight, moisture-wicking qualities and ability to maintain its shape even after a long day on the town.

Today cashmere wool is produced on commercial farms where goats are treated humanely, their lives do not abuse nor taken for fun. In most cases, they're allowed to live out of doors in a barn and be fed the natural grasses and grains that they'd eat daily in the wild. They're cleaned and conditioned once a week. The result is softer and smoother than most human hair; it has a slight coarse waviness to it that makes it a bit "frizzy." There are several different types of cashmere wool but the most common is Kashmir goatskin. Kashmir goatskin has the same qualities of hair as human hair, only finer.

Unlike other kinds of cashmere garments, cashmere sweaters are designed to last. The wool is not damaged by washing. If you were to wash a cashmere sweater once, you would only need to wash it one time compared to a pair of cotton jeans or a woolen jacket that need to be washed numerous times to get them clean. The same is true when you dry a cashmere sweater. It won't wrinkle, turn brittle or fall apart after being washed.

One of the amazing facts about cashmere is that only three places are needed to produce enough of it to make cashmere clothing. Two of those places are located in India and one place is located in Tibet. That's right, in India, the main producer of cashmere is located in India. When the Indian economy was growing rapidly, they started to import and sell cashmere to the Chinese market. Since China was importing large amounts of the cashmere fiber, many Chinese companies came into existence that produced cashmere products. These companies later became popular in the USA.

Today, the most commonly used source for the manufacture of cashmere fiber is China. China manufactures approximately thirty percent of all the cashmere wool that is exported around the world. Their export business is very important to the Indian industry because it gives them access to raw materials at much cheaper prices. For example, if a manufacturer needs supplies for ten thousand dollars worth of cashmere wool then he would pay only two thousand dollars instead of the ten thousand dollars that he would pay for a piece of human hair.

Another amazing fact about cashmere wool is that only a handful of breeds of animals are needed to produce it. The goat is the only breed that is used to produce cashmere wool. These goats are called Kashmir goats and they can be found in the Himalayan Mountains. The wool from these goats has a great shine to it, which is why they are used for manufacturing cashmere gloves, sweaters, beds, and hats. Cashmere bed eliminates sagging that you encounter with other bed material. Apart from the Kashmir goats, there are two other different types of goats that are used to produce cashmere wool which are the Akita and the Yama.

If you want to buy quality clothing made from beautiful fabric then you should buy cashmere wool products. There are several reasons for that. For one, they last longer than other fabrics like silk and other artificial fibers. They also feel luxurious on your skin because of their softness and comfort. There are many amazing facts about cashmere wool and the future of this amazing fiber will surely be amazing.

Cashmere wool, also called cashmere jasmine, is an extremely fine and delicate fiber obtained from pastime goats, cashmere goats, and any other breeds of goats. It has been using to manufacture clothing, yarns, and fur for hundreds of years now. And yet it is still being used to manufacture high-quality clothing because of its exceptional qualities and the comfort it provides the wearer.

The fiber is extremely soft to touch and makes for very luxurious clothing because of the fine sheen it has. It is not only considered a luxury but a necessity as well because cashmere is one of the warmest fibers that can be found on the planet. Cashmere can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is used in making different types of garments including sweaters, gloves, socks, scarves, shawls, bags, hats, and gloves. Apart from being worn as apparel, cashmere is also used by those people who want to add a touch of elegance and softness to their garments and accessories.

One of the most interesting facts about cashmere wool is that it is more expensive than most synthetic fibers. However, since there is no market for it, there is no need for the manufacturers to exploit this fact and make profits out of it. Therefore, the price of cashmere wool is still pretty expensive but it remains quite popular with consumers. A sweater of 35 pounds might cost you around a hundred dollars. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase one of these kinds of wool, you should know about the price differences between synthetic and natural cashmere wool so that you can choose the one that fits your budget.

Another interesting fact about this type of wool is that it comes in two types - Merino and Thermal. Both are identified as the finest human hair available today. They have superior quality and are characterized by high tensile strength and extreme resistance to damage.

Cashmere is made from the hair of the goat and not by the silkworm. The wool is characterized by its waxy texture. The best quality cashmere comes from the throat of the animal and is identified as the most durable fiber in the world. As compared to other types of fibers, the highest number of strands in one inch is produced in a single pull of the yarn. Therefore, a single inch worth of cashmere will last approximately twenty years when properly maintained. If you are looking to purchase a cashmere sweater, you should keep this fact in mind so that you get the best quality item.


No doubt, cashmere is considered one of the finest fibers used by humans. Today, many manufacturers are using high-quality cashmere for manufacturing various types of garments. One of the best-selling kinds of clothing that use cashmere fabric is cashmere jackets and sweaters. Apart from being highly functional and comfortable, you can also count on cashmere clothing to look elegant and stylish.

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