Addressable Geofencing: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

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The key to a successful marketing strategy is taking the right approach with your customers, both existing and potential. To build meaningful relationships with people, you should know what they are looking for, which needs they have, and how to make your offers 100% relevant. Addressable geofencing is a great method to advertise to your clients efficiently and get ahead of the competition. Let’s discuss it.

How does geofencing work?

Geofencing allows you to send notifications to your customers as they pass certain locations, be it your brick-and-mortar store or a competitor’s spot. Also, you can spread your messages around any other areas of your choice, if they are somehow relevant to your goods and services. Your clients will get personalized notifications about your special offers, discounts, gifts, new arrivals, and more. As such, they have greater incentive to enter your locationely. Here is how it works:

  • Targeting tied to location 

Considering customers’ habits, advertisers can make the list of targeted locations to reach them. People will get messages as they come to specific malls, cafes, colleges, offices, etc.

  • Numerous ad formats 

Geoadvertising sends ads to users based on their current location and these ads can have any format: audio, video, text, pictures, etc. Also, they are delivered across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even CTV.  

  • Relevant messages at the right time

Geofencing uses GPS and other location-based technologies to notice when your client enters the area of interest. They get promotional messages at that moment, which increases chances of visit and purchase. 

What would be the point of geofencing?

The results of a smart geofencing strategy can be really great. When applying this method as a part of your entire campaign, you can reach the following heights: 

  • Find out more about your clients 

Use geo camping and fencing data to learn the habits of your clients and find out which places they visit every day. After learning and analyzing their routes, you will easily find the best time to message them.

  • Increase personalization 

Geofencing data can help you divide your customers into groups and therefore make messages for them more relevant. As a result, your conversion rates will grow.

  • More people will visit your spot

You can increase foot traffic and see more people at your brick-and-mortar store. As they come to your location, you can promote goods, arrange events, and encourage them to benefit from your offers. 

  • Spark real-time communication 

Geofencing provides an opportunity to reach and engage your clients in real time. Remind them about yourself at the right moment and build meaningful customer/brand relationships. 

  • Keep your clients informed 

It is a great way to deliver relevant promotions, information about discounts, and free stuff right when your potential buyers pass your store by. This will inform them about the juicy offers you have to share right at the moment when they are most likely to accept them. 


Geofencing is great for both learning more about your customers and encouraging them to make immediate purchases. Being aware of their habitual places to visit, you can easily analyze their needs and preferences. As they pass your store by, you can target them with relevant messages right at that moment. When a relevant message is delivered at the right time, it is hard for a buyer to resist it, especially, when you have something as pleasant as discounts and freebies to offer. Arm yourself with the best practices of geofencing, make them an integral part of your marketing campaign, and your competitors will be left in the dust!

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