9anime: Is It Safe?

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All lovers of anime have known the difficulty of finding sources through which you can watch your favourites. Anime home videos are expensive on the pocket and generally hard to find. So the only option you have left is to go for streaming websites.

Finding a good website is easier said than done. Most of the websites available have poor quality or too many ads cover the content. So, if you’re looking for a good anime streaming site that has great video quality, and minimal ad disturbance, then 9anime is the website for you. 

About 9anime

This is one of the most popular anime streaming websites available. It offers a wide variety of anime choices for viewers, with regular updating of ongoing anime series as well in the highest quality. 

It also features an extensive menu of anime series with subtitled anime as well as English dubbed anime. 9anime allows viewers to sort through their extensive anime library to find the series they want by date, genre, and quality. They also offer the current trending titles, as well as worldwide choices. 

Users can watch the anime series of their choice in 1080hp or adjust the quality of the video according to the quality of their network speed and data usage. 

Is 9anime legal?

Like most streaming websites, it isn't legal per se. It does not own any of the content that is showcased on the platform and merely functions as a platform for the third-party servers to show the anime stored on them. Thus, no money is going back to the original creators of the anime content.

The reason why 9anime doesn’t store any of the anime content themselves is due to copyright issues. When it comes from third-party servers, it can deflect off legal issues of copyright from the site itself. 

The only form of revenue that this anime site earns is through its ads. And since there are no movies hosted by the website, it makes it fall in the grey area regarding legality and copyright issues. 

Is 9anime safe to stream on?

Yes, it is. 9anime is safe to use and stream your favourite anime series. The site is intended to function as an anime streaming site and is not a scam. You will not face any security issues or virus problems while streaming on this site, as it is legitimate.

It is pretty popular, which is why it is recommended compared to other sites, as they can be fraudulent or a scam. Having a good antivirus installed on your computer is always a good idea while browsing the internet, and the same applies while streaming.

Anime series have risen in popularity over the past couple of years. Viewers are always searching for ways through which they can watch their favourites and stream new releases. It is a great streaming website that you can try out. It is a legitimate website and thus is much safer to use than others. 

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