In The Know: Online Shopping Mattress Tips and Tricks

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Shopping for a mattress is known for being a stressful experience. You have to research, visit numerous stores, haggle with a salesperson, and test a product with people looking at you. Well, to make things easier for you, why not shop online?

By shopping online, you won’t have to haggle with a salesperson because the price stated on the website costs less, and it’s the final price. Additionally, you can visit numerous mattress companies online with a click on a button. 

If you’re uncertain about bringing your mattress needs online, then read on below to learn more about some of the tips and tricks to make your journey easier. 

Decide on a realistic budget. 

A mattress is a significant and costly investment. By setting aside funds on a bed, you invest in your overall health, especially your sleep quality. Thus, the first step for any mattress buying journey is to first decide on a budget. Doing so will set realistic standards on what kind of bed you’re supposed to be looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re unsure how much you should allot on a mattress, it would significantly help if you did your research beforehand. You can do this by researching the best beds and types of beds on the market. Also, you may even be specific; you can search in Google “perfect mattresses for this sleeping position.” 

Conducting your research and being aware of your preferences is a requirement so that you can end up with the best mattress of your dreams. It will take a little work, but you will take yourself for doing this. 

Master the different types of beds.

  • Innerspring - These beds have metal coils for their core system. It’s known for its bouncy effect while remaining affordable.
  • Memory Foam - Another popular mattress is memory foam. It’s popular due to its ability to contour to one’s body, relieving the pressure in one’s body at the same time.
  • Air bed - If you live in a dorm and don’t want to purchase anything that seems long-term, then air beds are the one for you! It’s also great to share a bed with someone as you can change the firmness level with an air pump.

Reputable companies online have a good reputation for a reason.

Now that you’ve set your budget and read about the different types of mattresses, the next thing for you to do is to find a reputable company. Bring your money to a company that has a good track record of customer service and product quality. By doing this, you will narrow down your options. It will ensure the possibility of you enjoying a good experience. 

Additionally, shopping with a well-known manufacturer has numerous perks! These companies will offer more extended trial periods, exceptional return or exchange policies, and free shipping. Doesn’t shopping online for a mattress sound good now? It’s essential to do your research to find these reputable companies.

Use the trial period as much as you can!

When a mattress first arrives in your home, make sure to be patient since you’re still probably getting used to your old bed - however, how many flaws it may have. Thus, mattress sellers online offer a more extended trial period, three weeks to three months to be exact. 

Additionally, the real test of a mattress’ compatibility is when it arrives in your home, and you can test it out for at least a week. Because of the uncertainty of purchasing a mattress online, sellers decided to address this issue by offering their customers a more extended trial period.

When testing your mattress, be sure to allow yourself at least two weeks to make up your mind. During these two weeks, focus on the bed if it makes you comfortable or not. Also, use the same pillow you’ve been using in your previous mattress so that you can pinpoint if it’s the mattress that’s making you uncomfortable.

Finally, to better assess the bed’s compatibility with you, avoid using your gadgets two hours before going to sleep. Do whatever you can to relax without the need for electronics. You can read a book in dim light, jam to music, etc. Don’t tire yourself out to the very minute since your assessment of a bed might be unreliable.

Ask about their return policies. 

Consult with customer service before purchasing anything to ensure that you’re aware of the return policies in their store. Some companies will charge fees, and some will offer to return the product for you for free. 

In the case that you’re not pleased with your mattress, having a good return policy to have your back will prove to be helpful. Even if you think that the bed you have now is perfect for you, this might not be the case when it arrives in your home. 


Now that you’re on the bottom part of the page, you now know that shopping for a mattress online has more benefits as compared to shopping in-store, right? A longer and easier trial and return policy isn’t the only thing mattress online shopping can offer. 

In addition to these, it also has better prices and selection. It’s easy to speak with customer service because they’re always on the go. Shopping online for a mattress is nothing but convenient. 

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